How to write a report – Learn the techniques

A report is a written document whose purpose is to give knowledge of a fact, a situation or an investigation, among other things. What we include in it must appear clearly, concisely, objectively and completely. Learning how to write a report will help us to avoid annoying rewrites, when the recipient asks us to do it again for lacking the essential elements or for including the unnecessary.

Why learn how to write a report?

Many times, in the field of work, our boss may need that, after investigating a situation, the state of the same is presented in writing, to then compare it with previous and / or future.

This can also happen at the university level, for example to present the results of a project or research.

Therefore, learning how to write a report will determine its success and measure our professionalism and credibility.

Who do I write the report for?

The report will be addressed to a superior of ours: boss, teacher, employer, dean, etc. This is important in order to maintain a degree of distance, respect and objectivity when deciding how to write a report.

Types of report

Expository: present the information to the effects that it is known. Its sole purpose is to inform.

Interpretive: the situation is approached from an analytical point of view. The presented information is interpreted and conclusions are drawn that help to solve the situation.

Technician: it is elaborated after an investigation. Therefore, you must mention what procedures were implemented and what conclusions they entailed.

Procedure to decide how to write a report

To determine how to write a report, we will first set the objectives. To do this we must know who is the recipient of the report, what information you need to know, what use you will give to that information and what you already know about the subject; the latter will prevent us from being repetitive or, on the contrary, take it for granted that you know something that you do not really know.

Select the sources from which you will extract the information (surveys, numerical results, qualitative results, etc.)

Organize the information obtained, compile it and proceed to write your report coherently.

Parts of a report

When determining how to write a report, we must take into account its parts:

introduction: it will make clear who is the recipient of the report and its objectives.

body: will develop the data obtained, cite the sources and what is observed throughout or at the end of the investigation.

conclusion: summarizes the result of the finding of the investigation or procedure and, if appropriate, gives recommendations on what measures to follow from now on.


When determining how to write a report, we will always keep in mind that the language is formal, impersonal and objective.

Example of how to write a report

Healthy Food Project Report in Primary Schools

The objective of this report is to inform the Board of Primary Education of the results of the implementation of the Healthy Food Project in children of the Primary Schools of the capital.

Plan and Objectives

In order to check whether the performance of school children improved healthy eating during school hours, the sale of exclusively fruits, milk and mineral water in school canteens was established. This was accompanied by the prohibition for students to bring snacks high in sodium and / or fat, such as alfajores, cookies, chips, etc.

After six months of implementation of the Project, it was possible to verify tacitly, that the students of the schools that carried out the same, slept better and, therefore, came more rested to class. On the other hand, it was found that after recess, when the students consumed their snack, the children were more energetic, willing to work and obtained better results.


In view of the results obtained, we recommend the extension of the Healthy Eating Project to all the Primary Schools of the national territory.